places you can knit

Finally, we're seeing some nice weather in my neck of the woods and it seems almost an obligation to get out and enjoy it while we can.  This moring after a quick coffee I went down to my local beach to soak up a bit of sunshine and listen to the rhythm of the waves rolling in.
My local beach is a short 5 minute walk from home and I try to get there every weekend if I can.  Sometimes I sit and let the sound of the waves roll over me, sometimes I like to do a little meditation or people watching.  Today I took the chance to sit and knit a few rows on another version of the Squeaky Beach mitts.   It's such a nice alternative for me, instead of my usual location of on the train to and from work each day. The fresh air scented with salty water and the lapping waves were such an amazing backdrop to my thoughts today.
#placesyoucanknit has been popping up quite a lot recently on Instagram feeds and there are some inspirational, funny, weird and wonderful places tagged!  Have you seen them, or participated?What's your best place to knit?

Kylie Robson
Kylie Robson