Natural inspirations

As I've mentioned before, a good deal of my insipiration is drawn from nature.  I love the colour plays and the textures, and the process of then trying to translate them into knitting patterns.

I spent this afternoon looking back through some photos and my creative notebook. So many new ideas were popping into my head that I barely had time to get them all down on paper before I forgot!

How beautiful are the textural elements of these barnacles on the remnants of the old jetty?  Their sharp surface sit against the weathered wood and rusty bolts in such a great way and the bleached colour of the barnacles has a gorgeous depth and nuance.

These pockets of rockpools filled with mustard coloured seaweed and the black, cracked rock surface are so beautiful too.  A classic colour combination that has been used successfully in designs many times. I have an idea brewing for a shawl from this little snapshot.

Looking through the stash of yarn I have on hand, it was interesting to note how many of these colours are already there.  Not really that surprising, but interesting especially when to starting to pair them up. 

So now I have a head full of even more ideas for new patterns for you!  I can't wait to get them out of my head and into reality so I can share them with you all.

In other news Whisky Bay Woollens patterns are now also available via Craftsy, for those who don't use Ravelry or just prefer the option.

Kylie Robson
Kylie Robson