Keeping it in the family

Firstly, I'd like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who has left a comment on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry, or sent me a congratulatory email or text.  To everyone who has started following Whisky Bay Woollens, or joined the groups - I can't express how much I appreciate it!  I have been completely overwhelmed by the support shown for my humble little project and could not have asked for more when anticipating the launch of Whisky Bay Woollens. 

A few people have commented on my lovely model for the Oceanside collection photoshoot, so I thought I'd share a little about her today.

This is my amazing daughter, Lily.  She is a wonderful soul, full of brilliance, wit, empathy and joy.  Not that I'm biased.

She willingly gave up her weekend to traipse around with me and being told "Stand, here.  Maybe there instead? Bring your shoulder back...a little more...bring it forward...back...forward" (and for the most part didn't complain at all).  She contributed in such a meaningful way to this collection, everything from giving her input on the patterns and samples to making suggestions on product shots, and she maybe became a little to familiar with the jargon along the way.  'Hero shot' was used rather a lot around the house after this.

I am in constant awe of the person she is.  I feel like I was blessed from above when the universe bestowed her into my care.

She's also a bit of a dag.

and when she finds this photo, I'm a dead woman.

Kylie Robson
Kylie Robson