1 August 2020:  If you are interested in one of my patterns but Ravelry is not safe for you to access or you would just prefer not to purchase via that platform, please contact me and I will arrange a direct sale for you. Also, if you have already purchased one of my patterns and can no longer safely access your copy because it's housed on Ravelry, please contact me and I will send you a copy

Whisky Bay Woollens was born out of my desire to capture the rugged beauty of the south-eastern coastline of Australia, and it is my personal response to living by this beautiful, salty landscape.  These designs are the combination of two of my favourite things – knitting and nature. 

I am never happier than when I’m rugged up in wool and out in the elements, and my intention is for these knitwear designs to bring that same sense of contentment to you in your own way.

I hope you enjoy the collections and I look forward to sharing many more with you in coming seasons.